Importers and distributors of Quality Organic and Non Organic Foods
Importers and distributors of Quality Organic and Non Organic Foods


At JuFa Natural and Organic, we import and distribute natural and organic products into the UK and Europe from Sri Lanka and South Asia. We are looking to supply our products to individuals and companies, who like our selves, are passionate about natural foods and promoting healthier lifestyles. We are efficient, reliable and committed to delivering the best service for our customers. We are very competitive with our rates. 

We believe in sourcing our products from sustainable farming methods and have full traceability of our supply so that we can ensure our customers get the highest quality products that are subject to the most demanding ethical standards.

Packaging and quantity can be to your requirements both retail and wholesale and we are open to providing private labeling too.

We are Soil Association certified.

Our Products

Organic Coconut Products

King Coconut Water                   Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
Desiccated Coconut Fine              
Coconut smiles
Coconut Chips                          Toasted Coconut chips
Coconut Milk                           Coconut Cream
Creamed coconut                      Coconut vinegar

Organic Fruit Products

Mango                                 Passion Fruit
Papaya                                Mixed Fruit
Pineapple                                        Bananas                                              
Dried spears, rings and tidbits,Chunks in cans or jars available.

Dried Black Lime                      Dried Yellow Lime

Juices & Puree Products

Mango                                 Passion Fruit
                                            Mixed Fruit
Pineapple                                         Banana
Coconut Water

These can be mixed according to requirements

Nut Products

Cashews - Whole 
Cashews - LWP

Raw, Natural and Roasted available.

Organic Herbs & Spices – Powdered or Whole

Black pepper                          Curry Powder      
White pepper                         Turmeric
Cloves                                                Mace
Cinnamon                              Nutmeg
Ginger                                 Gotu Kola

These are steralised and ready to use.

Packaging and quantities can be to your requirement. Samples available on request.

Please speak to us about any products which are not listed above.

We can provide non-organic products.

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A Limited Company registered in England and Wales - 8509655.
Organic License held with the Soil Association - DA22712.